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All-New MAD Magazine #36

Hop on top of MAD #36, another ribbiting collection of un-frog-ettable classic movie and TV parodies, favorites like "Fly vs. Fly" (erm...we mean "Spy vs. Spy") and "A MAD Look At..." by Sergio Aragonés, and much more from the Usual Gang of Idiots. A toad-ally new Fold-In by Johnny Sampson too. Don't frog-et to pick one up today!

All-New MAD Magazine #35

You've hit the crackpot! Count your winnings with MAD #35's bucket of archival gold! Featuring a wide variety of classic MAD movie and TV parodies, MAD favorites like "Spy vs. Spy," "A MAD Look at..." by Sergio Aragones, and much more from the Usual Gang of Idiots, plus an all-new Fold-In by Johnny "Snake Eyes" Sampson. Take a gamble, you've got nothing to lose but laughs straight out of your belly.