The Vigil

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    Vigil #3 Cover A Regular Sumit Kumar Cover


The shipping vessel Eastwind was taken captive by pirates off the coast of Thailand. 24 hours after the crew had been taken hostage, before communications had been established or any demands made, the crew reported an intervention by a group of unknown individuals. Amid other bizarre claims by the crew, are reports of an individual who changed his appearance at will and a woman who seemingly dodged bullets. Once the pirates were taken out, no attempts were made at rescuing the crew. There have long been rumors rogue metahumans targeting weaponized illegal technology. With some hinting that they call themselves The Vigil. What were they after? Why did they intervene? Are there metas among us? Stay tuned for more/

Vigil #6 Cover A Regular Sumit Kumar Cover
Vigil #6 Cover A Regular Sumit Kumar Cover

/.../ /Who Are the Vigil?/ /New member "The Wild Card" file loading... The metahuman group the Vigil seems have to added a fifth member to the group.....