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The Flash Giant
The Flash Giant
Rating: T 

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Release Date: 12/31/2020
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 » Rating » T
 » Last Issue Processed » Flash Giant #3

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Flash Giant #5

Flash Giant #5

The Flash races against the Reverse Flash in the hopes of freeing the future Central City from Eobard Thawne's grasp! At every turn, Eobard is right on Barry's heels. Can the Scarlet Speedster evade the Reverse Flash's pursuit and save the future? Then, It's Flash Day in Central City, and the parade is in full swing, but one person isn't thrilled: Barry Allen. Hating the attention, Barry just wants the day to be over, but that might come sooner than expected when Tar Pit shows up! Plus these reprint tales: "Gorilla Warfare Part Five," The Flash #17 (2013); "The Death and Life of Oliver Queen Part Four" from Green Arrow #4 (2016); "Secrets Part One," from Blue Beetle #5 (2006)