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Swamp Thing: Giant
Swamp Thing: Giant
Rating: T 

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 » Rating » T
 » Last Issue Processed » Swamp Thing Giant #4

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Swamp Thing Giant #5

Swamp Thing Giant #5

Murder has come to the bayou, in the form of a cult that aims to destroy civilization and rebuild with Swamp Thing as their king. Even more horrifying, the Sunderland Corporation has used Swamp Thing's DNA to create self-harvesting clones! Also, Swamp Thing has been following the eerie light of the Fifolet as the spirit leads him to those in need. But what if the mysterious light has a deeper purpose? What if it knows more about Swamp Thing's past than it lets onà and what if it's trying to lead Alec Holland home? Plus these reprint tales: "Emerald Apocalypse," Swamp Thing #5 (2016); "The Poison Truth Part Five," from The Hellblazer #5 (2017); "Double or Nothing," from Zatanna #5 (2010)