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Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
Rating: T+ 

Superman’s Pal: Superman isn’t the only hero in Metropolis! Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen has seen a thing or two over the years, gallivanting around on many bizarre adventures. Just what does the young photographer do in his time away from wandering eyes? The secret underbelly of the DC Universe is explored like never before in Jimmy Olsen, a 12-issue miniseries from the powerhouse team of writer Matt Fraction and artist Steve Lieber!

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Steve Lieber
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 » Rating » T+
 » Last Issue Processed » Supermans Pal Jimmy Olsen Vol 2 #12 Cover A Regular Steve Lieber Cover

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Supermans Pal Jimmy Olsen Vol 2 #12 Cover A Regular Steve Lieber Cover

Supermans Pal Jimmy Olsen Vol 2 #12 Cover A Regular Steve Lieber Cover

Whoa - is that what I think it is? If I'm reading this solicitation text correctly, we made it to issue #12! Mazel tov! Party time! If you see Matt and Steve at the next convention, go buy them a drink because I have no idea how we made it this far! No, wait, I do - it's all thanks to you guys! In this final issue, with the Daily Planet on the ropes, Jimmy learns something about it that'll change everything forever.