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Superman: Up In The Sky
Superman: Up In The Sky
Rating: T 

When a home invasion proves deadly, Superman is put hot on the trail of a Metropolis mystery from Batman himself. But can even the Man of Steel discover the truth behind the tragedy? How does it tie-in with the planet Rann and the adventurous Adam Strange? What was Green Lantern doing during the mystery? Intrigue ensues in Superman Up in the Sky, a bold adventure from acclaimed-writer Tom King and the fan-favorite art team of Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope, available on its own for the first time!

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Superman Up In The Sky #6

Superman Up In The Sky #6

It's the finale of Tom King and Andy Kubert's Man of Steel epic and Superman is captured off-planet, with Earth's remaining heroes left to fend off an alien robot invasion! If Superman can break his bonds and rise up against the diabolical mastermind who unleased the attack, he can save his adopted home, even from several galaxies away, and begin the long journey back with the little girl from Metropolis whose kidnapping initially sent him on this epic sojourn through the cosmos. Originally published in Superman Giant #15 and #16.