The Green Lantern
The Green Lantern
Rating: T 

Superstar writer Grant Morrison returns to DC alongside red-hot artist Liam Sharp to launch a new, ongoing series: The Green Lantern!

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli
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Green Lantern Vol 6 Annual #1

Green Lantern Vol 6 Annual #1

A Green Lantern tradition is reborn when the annual Jordan family reunion takes a turn for the bizarre, leaving Hal and his nearest and dearest on the front line of a terrifying invasion from an impossible reality that's closer than you think! There's only one way for intergalactic lawman Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan to prevent the ultra-crime of the millennium-but what will be the outcome when Green Lantern takes on a young superhero sidekick? And who will it be? Also featuring an incredible guest appearance by the strangest Lantern of all-you must not miss THE GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL!

Green Lantern Vol 6 #10 Cover A Regular Liam Sharp Cover

Green Lantern Vol 6 #10 Cover A Regular Liam Sharp Cover

Twelve parallel worlds! Twelve Green Lanterns! And one unstoppable menace! Hal Jordan joins the Green Lanterns of the Multiverse-including Bat-Lantern, Tangent Green Lantern and more-to save a dying Multiverse, defeat the relentless Anti-Man and embark upon their "Quest for the Cosmic Grail"! It's another Morrison/Sharp science fantasy epic!