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Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Each a hero in their own right, together they represent the core of the DC Universe. Feared by some, revered by others, and worshipped by many, the Trinity unites under a common banner in their pursuit of liberty and justice for all! Whether it be as teammates, partners, or friends, the Trinity will stay united in their quest to vanquish the evils of the world! With their powers combined, the Earth is in good hands.

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Patrick Zircher
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 » Last Issue Processed » Trinity Vol 2 #19 Cover A Regular Guillem March Cover

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Trinity Vol 2 #19 Cover A Regular Guillem March Cover

Trinity Vol 2 #19 Cover A Regular Guillem March Cover

No Home for you Here' part three! War has erupted on Skartaris, and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are caught in the middle and fighting for their very survival! As Deimos' army lays siege to Shamballah, Jennifer Morgan reveals the core of the conflict to the Trinity: control of time itself! Don't miss the shocking conclusion that will leave the fate of one of the closest confidants of our heroes in deadly question!