Scooby Apocalypse
Scooby Apocalypse
Rating: T 

Something terrible has transformed the world, turning millions of people into mindless zombies hordes and only Scooby-Doo and the gang are around to stare down the doomsday! Can these pesky kids and their canine companion use the incredible contraptions in their arsenal to defeat the evil that has overwhelmed the Earth? The monsters are real, the mystery needs solving, and the world needs saving in this bold re-imagining of the classic cartoon capers!

Writer: Keith Giffen
Artist: Pat Olliffe
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 » Rating » T
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Scooby Apocalypse #28 Cover A Regular Kaare Andrews Cover

Scooby Apocalypse #28 Cover A Regular Kaare Andrews Cover

"Cliffy is torn between his loyalty to the recently returned Scrappy-Doo and his friendship with Scooby. Meanwhile, Daphne and Scrappy bond during a gruesome monster hunt. And who is the mysterious new creature lurking in the dark?"