Justice League of America
Rating: T 

Born from the ashes of hardship, a new Justice League was forged to better combat the evils threatening the world! By uniting together, the Justice League of America fights every day to ensure the betterment of all! With former villains and young rising heroes, the team also serves as a constant reminder that the struggles of the past don’t stand a chance against the promise of a better tomorrow! And with heavy hitters like Batman, Black Canary, and the Atom in frequent rotation, the team packs power behind every punch, ensuring that justice will be served!

Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Miguel Mendonca - Dexter Vines
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Justice League Of America Vol 5 #25 Cover A Regular Mikel Janin Cover

Justice League Of America Vol 5 #25 Cover A Regular Mikel Janin Cover

"New Life and Death" Part One. Batman has returned following the Queen of Fables saga, proud of how the team has grown. But there's one more mission he needs to complete. Along with Black Canary, he travels to the world of Angor, home of the Extremists, to help rebuild the world without the influence of the mad dictator Lord Havok. But when he learns what's happening, will Lord Havok punish Canary and Batman for their actions?