Green Lanterns
Rating: T 

Simon Baz grew up in a world that feared him for who he was. Jessica Cruz was afraid of the world outside her door. But the power of the fantastic Green Lantern ring would transform these two into the heroes they were always meant to be! As Green Lanterns, Simon and Jessica protect Earth and all of Sector 2814 from intergalactic menaces! With threats constantly working against them, the only way they'll survive is by working past their differences and overcoming fear! No evil shall escape their sight!

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: V Kenneth Marion
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Green Lanterns #42 Cover A Regular Will Conrad Cover

Green Lanterns #42 Cover A Regular Will Conrad Cover

INHUMAN TRAFFICKING' part three! Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have tracked the criminal ring to a religious organization buried deep in the Horsehead Nebula. What does the Order of the Steed need with superheroes from Earth-and will Simon and Jess get stampeded in the process?