Future Quest
Rating: T 

When worlds collide, it’s up to Hanna-Barbera’s best-known adventure-seeking heroes to save the galaxy! Featuring Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, the Herculoids, and more, Future Quest Presents tells high-octane action-adventure stories as timeless as the characters themselves! And when villainy is afoot, the heroes unite to take on foes unlike anything that the world has ever seen! Bringing back classic characters from yesteryear, Future Quest Presents is hard-hitting action mixed with fun for all!

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Steve Lieber
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 » Rating » T

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Future Quest Presents #8 Cover A Regular Guillem March Cover

Future Quest Presents #8 Cover A Regular Guillem March Cover

An alien threatens to pressure the Earth into 'joining' a galactic empire…and not voluntarily! The first line of defense…the mighty Mightor! Guest appearances by Jonny Quest and Hadji!