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Bombshells United
Bombshells United
Rating: T+ 

It’s 1943 and the world is in desperate need for heroes! With war encompassing the entire globe, a force for good must rise to save the day. Cue the Bombshells! With fantastic reimaginings of classic DC heroines through the lens of days gone by, Bombshells United showcases the ladies of DC like never before! Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Stargirl, and more lead the charge as the powers of the world unite to prevent great catastrophe! Don’t miss the explosive exploits of the Bombshells in action! Cyborg: (Did by accident, figured you could just have it if we ever need it) Victor Stone had it all. With incredible grades and multiple football scholarships at his fingertips, the sky was the limit. But tragedy struck and the world was taken from Victor when an explosion ripped his body apart. Saved through his father's technology, Victor was remade as Cyborg! Joining the Justice League in their battles against evil, Victor found purpose as a hero and a symbol of determination. Constantly rebuilding himself to be better, Cyborg will never stop being the ultimate hero!

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Bombshells United #19

Bombshells United #19

On this final issue, the war - and the Bombshells - come to an end at last. With grief and with grace, the world is changed - forever.