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Kate Kane grew up with a loving family when one day tragedy struck, taking her mother and twin sister from her life. In the years after, Kate followed in her father's footsteps by joining the army until one day she was forced out for refusing to ignore her sexuality. A broken woman, Kate rebuilt herself in the image of Batman, Gotham's protector. Declaring war unjust, Kate fights so others don't have to as Batwoman! After years isolated from the rest of the Bat-family, Kate now trains the vigilantes of Gotham while traveling the world to combat evil wherever it may live!

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Batwoman Vol 2 #18 Cover A Regular Dan Panosian Cover

Batwoman Vol 2 #18 Cover A Regular Dan Panosian Cover

"It's the series finale, and there's a lot of drama to resolve for Kate Kane, both in and out of costume. As Batwoman, she teams with Renee Montoya to thwart Clock King's latest time-bending enterprise: selling a drug that allows criminals to know if their crime will be successful-before it's committed. But Batwoman's facing a quandary to boot: Take this drug off the street, or use it herself to stop crime? The only fight tougher is the personal one: Should Kate and Renee give their relationship another chance?"